When Detours bring Destiny


When Mama turned the calendar page, my heart turned the corner. I seldom felt ready when September appeared. From the breakfast room wall, square patterns dangled the days filled with lists, schedules, and the….

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Navigating Deep Waters


“Do you know your way back?” the Engineer grinned questionably. Positively! I stammered out, nodding yes.  Wait what? What was I thinking?  The river was much wider than I remembered. Scanning….

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The Crown of her Husband


It’s a season of change and I’m surrendering to the way He’s rearranging my priorities, shifting my focus and redirecting my heart’s preoccupation – divinely pointing me nearer to my husband’s….

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A Continual Refuge


I’ve been told many a times, my personality leans to the far side of private. But being overly protective of my personal life has at times come with a burdensome price –  times when….

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