I didn’t know back then – back when I’d sneak a moment in Pop-pop’s garage, searching overstocked shelves of writing supplies and typewriters – that the passion of a child’s heart, blossom into the purpose of our grown-up lives.

Mission: Strengthen and inspire women to develop deeper dependance on Scripture through writing and speaking.


Our greatest calling is not an assignment, but discovered in daily refinement.

I trust in the power of God’s Word to shape struggles into strength – the real stuff, the tried and true, the kind that lasts and endures.


Behind the Pen: Wedded to a hunky Engineer, (testimony here), blessed with a spunky, sweet daughter, whose little heart refines and inspires mine.

On a light Note: Love the sound of the surf, sandy toes, flip flops, farmland, photo snapping and some Spoken Word!  Grab a mug and let it fill with a some still moments for your soul. 





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