‘Purely Seen’


“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God” (Matt:5:8).

I don’t want to miss seeing Him – in anything.  I know how easily that happens; how easily I pass by the  little ways He speaks and reveals Himself.  Distractions demand my attention, so I simply ‘pass’ by.  Pass by opportunities to see beauty, behold grace; all because I’m too busy chasing this life.

Activities, agendas, checklists, schedules, dates, plans, programs; as women the temptation to stumble into striving is always ‘right’ there – right there in the lie that claims; we have to do it ‘all’ or at least attempt to.  It’s easy to get into the cycle of believing; that the more we do, equates with being more important, more successful, more fruitful or even more loved and valued by God.

Our works do not validate our worth.

So many activities to engage in, but are we carving out time to engage with Him, to plan a quiet meeting place, just with Him.  We give priority to the plans we make with man, but do we give preference to marking out dates and time with God?

I need more moments to just ‘pause’.  To simply be ‘still’ and see God.  To do this, it means disconnecting; (from distractions and devices), in order to re-connect to His Word.  Because stillness is how we see; it’s how we see God in the small moments.

And in the pausing, there is a purifying.

Our lives become so busy serving our families, communities and beyond; that it can be easy to mistake our service to God; as an indicator of where our heart is – with God.  I recognize my desperate need for planned, intentional, quiet time with God; if my serving is going to be genuinely, purely – for God.  

In the silence, He gently shows me secret faults and ways my heart has strayed.  In the still moments, I hear His still small voice.  It’s easy to downplay the discipline of devotion time.  But striving starts when we stop delving deep into ‘still’ waters.

The stillness brings us back to a deeper awareness of God’s Holiness and all the ways we need it; all the ways we need Him.

I don’t want to strive to achieve goals, carry out a calling; even if I believe God purposed it in my heart. The only striving I desire; is to “strive to enter that rest.” (Hebrews 4:11)

The moment we start striving, is the minute we need to stop, pause and be still; it will keep impurities out of the work God has called us to; as women of His Word, as wives, mothers and ministers of His truth and grace.  And striving…it steals our peace.  Is it really worth it?

Time to stop the strive –
and start taking a stride toward being still.

Still enough, to see God in every corner of our lives; still enough, to allow Him to purify our hearts; still enough, so our serving remains pure – for the pure in heart will see God.

“To the pure you show yourself pure.” (Psalm 18:16)



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