Navigating Deep Waters


Do you know your way back?” the Engineer grinned questionably. Positively! I stammered out, nodding yes. 

Wait what? What was I thinking? 

The river was much wider than I remembered. Scanning my surroundings, nothing was recognizable, all felt unfamiliar, and what I assumed would be a fun adventure, quickly grew to frantic waves of worry and anxiety. 

The unknown is uncomfortable.

Massive ships occupied the water space. Enormous amounts of cargo carried in from other countries and as they channeled through the water, some heavy waves of intimidation moved towards me, increasing my insecurity.

I seriously felt like Scuffy the tugboat, wandering down to the big city river. 

But then a whisper. Just enjoy the journey – it’s meant to be an adventure.

But how can I ever do that, when I can’t determine the direction I’m headed?

Open your eyes.

There are moments when God’s pursuit is intimately personal – when indications of His presence are so real and deeply felt. 

And in the depths of uncertainty we can cling closely to what will always be certain – God with us.

“Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” [Hebrews 13:5] 

He promises to never leave us and always to lead us. 

But when I’m tied up in troubling knots of distress, I can miss precious provisions of His presence. And I don’t want to miss even the smallest signature of grace.

The attendant at the dock warned me the water was choppy. Life can feel like that too at times, rocky and rough. But when I turned from the turbulence around me and tuned into the Word within me, this gift each wave of worry.

It’s brilliant sparkle stretched across the bumpy seas, dancing beside me, flickering as I steered on forward. This reflection is familiar amongst boaters, but God made this stunning site, personal to me that day.


With the sun beaming light beside me, I could sense the Son beckoning me still beside Him.

When our direction is undetermined and we feel disoriented in the unknown and unfamiliar, there is a definite, dependable and trustworthy truth – God resides directly beside us.

When you feel alone, He sticks around. He chases our heart, when others close their door.
He pursues when others push away. He draws near, when everyone feels distant.
He connects when others reject. 

Some journey’s test our trust to the core. The unknown is uncomfortable. Scary even. When life feels as though we’re navigating through wild waves of uncharted water, when the familiar is unforeseeable – we need good vision. The kind that sees beyond circumstances and tunes our senses to the secure affection of the Son surrounding us.

Even in deep waters, we can discern divine indications of His presence, if we turn from the waves of worry and tune our hearts to words of worship.

When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.
When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown.
[Isaiah 43:2] NLT



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  1. Love these words and the meaning behind them: “But as I turned from the turbulence around me and tuned into the Word within me, the most glorious gift washed away all my worry.” He is the ultimate deep-water navigator. So thankful He is with us.

  2. I LOVE those verses from Isaiah and that promise of God’s nearness. It’s such a beautiful picture of how close He is when we wade out into the deep. I’m so grateful for the certain truth – that He is near, that He is with us, and when the waves come, He draws closer yet. Always blessed by your heart, sweet friend. Praying you know His nearness today. xo

    • Thank-you Tiffany, I too am soo grateful for the nearness of His presence. It’s a secure, unwavering promise that guards us with safety when those waves come barreling our way! Praying the closeness of His companionship fills your heart with an abiding rest this very day!

  3. In the process of a cardio stress test, waiting for the medicine to make its way through my veins before doing the treadmill portion, where some wacky heart rhythm is to be recreated. And this is the moment I read this! Indeed, Emmanuel – God with us! So timely a reminder. Thank you for writing.

    • Praying for you dear Kay. He is ever present in times of need and I pray you greatly sense the security of His presence throughout each day this week. May the certainty of His company bring you deep comfort. Thank-you for sharing Kay.

  4. So beautifully written. You can’t imagine how this speaks to me this morning. Thank you Jessica.

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