Where the Timid are made Confident…


Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage. (Psalm 84:5)

Gently the Word has opened my eyes to see – the weakness of my own humanity and it’s probably still, but a glimpse.  Lord, make me to know my end, and what is the measure of my days, that I may know how frail I am (Psalm 39:4).  Probably not a prayer we readily lift from our lips, though it’s a posture our heart can learn to yield to.

As I grow with a sharper awareness at how fragile and frail man is – {in his own strength}, I’m forced to face this false sense of security I mask around behind. 

 To realize how weak our flesh is – will either cripple us or conform His character in us!

You see, the stubborn in me likes to pretend I’m tough and brave and have it all together.  My will can be strong as Fort-Knox, but I’m continually learning that the only real strength – is through His strong Fortress and Rock. Because at the heart of the matter, is really a timid girl with all kinds of questions about her self-worth.

Our flesh wants to be strong, our pride thinks we’re strong,
but our spirit knows His strength
is the only way we’re made truly strong.

Sometimes it takes breaking the outer man in order to strengthen and make sturdy the inner soul of man.  Because just when I think I’m strong, scripture shows me my own strength is as secure and sure as sifting sand – only His is solid ground.

Gently, yet powerfully as the Word breaks-through many layers of hardened mortar, (where brick upon brick, pride and fear have erected these self-protective walls around my heart), something happens.  An exchange takes place.

His security – for my false identity.

Because whether or not we feel inclined to wear the titles of what the world calls attractive, accomplished or successful…or whether we simply perceive ourselves to be mediocre with no exceptional talents or distinctive traits – there will be walls. 

Either way, without the identity that comes from identifying with Christ – there will be walls. 

Walls of pride hiding the insecurities of our own hearts and it begs for confirmation that we have value; that we are important.  But it’s the Word, which makes every wall come down and it’s the Word which reveals our position and purpose in Christ.

Our worth can’t be measured or calculated and it’s not based on net worth, income or wages.  It’s grounded on the truth that Christ took upon Himself the wages of our sin and the outcome is a net-worth far richer than all the wealth of this world.

We become the children of God and if children, then heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ.  Now that’s some pretty powerful Word for the timid, afraid and insecure!

The world may stamp it’s labels, branding whom it likes, but the Word secures our hearts with perfect Love.  His love.  His, which enables us to live with real confidence – quiet confidence.

Because the truly confident have no need to boast, brag or parade around their successes.  They don’t need applause, a large following, a million likes or a red carpet to know their worth.

It’s not that confident folk refrain from sharing or talking about their achievements or the blessings and favor God has bestowed on them.  Rather – it’s how in the midst of others, they aren’t itching with a compelling urge to front or display their grander’.

For you see the truly confident know who they are – because they know whose they are. They know where they belong – because they know who they belong to!

Real confidence produces Strength

True Strength.

First we must realize how weak our own efforts are in comparison to His ability in order for His strength is made strong in us.

Because even at our weakest moment, if we but move towards His Word; with all our doubts and questions, leaning hard and letting that Word get in us, line upon line; somehow feeble knees are made strong – somehow trembling hands are made still and fearful hearts are mended calm. 

We may feel vulnerable as we’re made aware, (not ashamed), of how weak this flesh really is.  But it’s in that place, where we grow with genuine godly strength and confidence.

“…In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.” (Isaiah 30:15)   


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