When Trust is the answer

When trust is the answer

His Word promises, He will answer, when we call.  But what looks like answer to me and what is answer to Him – are very different.

I want reason – He wants to refine. 
I want solution – He wants to sanctify.

I’ll take it simple, give me a yes or no; even the answer of ‘wait‘ is better than silence.  Sometimes it seems easier to get those specific, clear-cut answers of yes or no.  Of course, they still require submission and sometimes a whole lot of surrender.

But what about the answer of trust.  Simply trust

To trust in the Lord with all of our heart, requires all of our will-power.  But isn’t that how faith is stretched, strengthened and produced in us?

During those times when there’s no definitive answer to be heard; when I haven’t got the slightest clue which way to turn and prayers seem to bounce from my lips to the ceiling and back… I’ve had to ask myself, “Is my faith grounded in God’s direct guidance or in God Himself?”

In other words, do I find resolve in the answers themselves or am I firmly resolved to trusting in Him – regardless of how He chooses to answer?  Is the whisper of ‘trust me enough, even when everything inside begs for clarity and understanding?

My finite mind has a very limited view and every attempt I make to reason with His infinite wisdom will prove exhausting and frustrating.  We’re not called to make sense of every situation, we’re called to – make Him known, in every situation.  And He always, always provides an answer.

He’s promised to!  But sometimes my uncertainty demands more than the words of Proverbs 3:5-6, which instruct us to, “Trust in the Lord with all our heart”.   But if I want to receive His Peace, I must also receive His response, to simple ‘trust‘.  So with my eyes upon that Word, I wrestle my stubborn will straight to surrender.  Because…

We can have certainty in the most uncertain circumstances.

If He chooses respond to my prayers with ‘Trust me, then I must consciously choose; to lean NOT on my own understanding, but instead lean into trust – if I want to dwell in the peace that transcends all understanding!  [Phil. 4:6-7]

We keep His peace by trusting His perspective.  

At the heart of the matter, the answer of peace is exactly what our souls are yearning for.  While the mind seeks logic and reasoning; faith is what enables us to trust God, despite what doesn’t make sense to our limited line of vision.  

And in the trust come rest – rest from wrestling with reason.

Whatever prayers and petitions we’re seeking, His answer is always available – right in His whisper of – ‘Trust me’.


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