A Reflective Place


They say a good husband is like a full length mirror.

Without saying a word, his life speaks into mine.  The light in him, shines upon the darkened and hidden in me.

The mirror of his character reflects my way and I see more than just the contour of my face, I see an honest reflection of my faith It’s painful sometimes, seeing our faults and flaws through the lens of His image bearers.

Those who wear His righteousness – the right way.

The character of Christ which resides in others, helps to conform and sharpen ours. Son-reflectors mirror His image.  Beaming, they shine that glorious light, bringing both comfort and conviction and at times, challenging how this…Hope of Glory is being expressed through our hearts and carried out in our lives.

It won’t be comfortable.

But when is a bright light ever easy on eyes that have been closed, deep in sleep, in a darkened room?  Too often we get offended, thinking those Son-reflectors are self-righteous, when really it’s our own self, that is far from pursuing – His righteousness.

We can be too quick to stamp a label on those who seek Holy living, because the stubborn in us isn’t seeking to live – Holy.  Let’s be quicker about welcoming these light reflectors and Son image bearers.  So as iron sharpens iron, we stay grounded in grace and guarded by truth.  Otherwise…

We will live this life in denial of our sin and not denial of our self.

It can be painful to look into the mirror and discover what is really there.  But ‘Truth’ Jesus said, ‘sets us free’ – not the denial of it.  Free to live uninhibited by our sin, our secrets and ultimately ourselves! Thank God for the Light that shined out of the darkness and hath shone into our hearts. {II Cor. 4:6}


And in the still reflection of His Word- it strengthens our spirit for every season of this Inside Journey.  A Journey of Becoming, becoming like Him – radiant from the inside out.

This is a reflective place, where I bring bits and pieces of my journals and this cross-walk, as He continues to center the Cross – into the center of my heart.

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